Home is where the heart is – The story of the Aberdeen Mansion

It was heralded in The Aberdeen World as a testament to the skills of Aberdeen workmanship. Said an April 5, 1905, news article: “After six months of continuous work, J.H. Marshall and his crew of craftsmen have finished the … Read More

The Force is Strong in Aberdeen

Don Sucher’s Star Wars Shop on Wishkah Street is chock-full of more than 100,000 items of Star Wars memorabilia, including a life-sized Jar Jar Binks and an enormous Millennium Falcon. It’s a cacophony of action figures, light sabers, posters, photos … Read More

Shopping Items – Spring 2016

Springy Things

Each issue, we highlight products made by artisans or small business right here on Washington’s coast. You can be assured that each item listed is unique to a local artist or small business. 

Spring has sprung with all … Read More

Design by Nature

Story By Kellie Ann Benz Photos by Julie Rajcich

How an architect and his wife built their dream home on a hillside surrounded by the forest.

Anne’s eye for unique designs matches her husband’s subtle visions, and together they have collected … Read More

Holy Lamb Organics

Story By Gail Greenwood Ayres  Photos by Kyle Mittan

Counting  sheep has been connected to sleep for centuries, with insomniacs encouraged to enumerate fluffy white lambs jumping over a fence in an effort to lull themselves into slumber.

Some … Read More

Rex’s Barbershop – 41 years of Tradition

There are certain experiences every man should have: Hopping a freight, building a fire without matches and getting a real shave by a real barber are a few that come to mind. It’s too wet on the coast … Read More

Wishkah River Distillery

Story and photos by Kyle Mittan

A pipe dream that became real is growing into big business for Josh Mayr.

Serendipity, for Josh Mayr, came on a sunny day in August 2009.

Mayr, then a new sales associate for an Aberdeen … Read More

Crafty Style – Whiskers and Ears 

Photo by Kelly Hogaboom

If you’re already nimble with a thimble, by now you‘ve probably mastered a felt hat or two (or twelve). As the season of the costume looms large, Kelly Hogaboom, a sewing aficionado who lives in Hoquiam, … Read More

Found Things: Through a Prism Darkly



About two decades ago, Trina Young was looking for a creative outlet, but nothing she did really set her alight. Then she discovered stained glass in a class she took with … Read More

Health: This Winter, Try Summer in a Box

Story by Doug Barker

Photos by Gabe Green

Sherry Sinclair lives on the edge of the forest — right on the edge. Back door to trailhead from her home in Montesano is maybe 30 paces and Sherry takes her dog, … Read More