Crafty Style – Whiskers and Ears 

Published: December 1, 2015
The supplies to make your own whiskers.

The supplies to make your own whiskers.

Photo by Kelly Hogaboom

If you’re already nimble with a thimble, by now you‘ve probably mastered a felt hat or two (or twelve). As the season of the costume looms large, Kelly Hogaboom, a sewing aficionado who lives in Hoquiam, offers up some quick tips for adding a wild touch to your designs. For newbies to the sewing needle, she breaks down how to make a hat from scratch, too!

If you welcome a DIY challenge, here’s Kelly’s list of supplies and tools for adding easy whiskers and ears to any hat, hoodie or costume this fall. If you need a step-by-step guide, just visit her popular blog for the process 

Supply List

  • Cardboard (enough for the size of ears you wish to make)
  • Alternative: Buckram or a plastic bottle (thoroughly cleaned)
  • 6 pieces of wire – bendable but rigid
  • Needle
  • Waxed thread
  • Cable ties

Tools List

  • Pattern template
  • Alternative: drawing or trace of ears
  • Fabric scissors
  • Regular scissors
  • Pencil

Not interested in making your own? Kelly takes orders, call her at 360-500-3287 or visit her site Call early, as you can imagine, her talents get booked up fast around costume season.