The Westport Maritime Museum

Take a lazy, 30-minute jaunt around the south side of Grays Harbor from Aberdeen to Westport and you might find yourself wandering along the water’s edge of the Westhaven Cove Marina. On the southwestern end of your walk, just past … Read More

The way to roll is to stop once in a while

The irony of driving through some of the most scenic country on the Washington Coast is that at 55 mph it can all look the same. Any good drive needs a few spots where you can pull off and experience … Read More

Discovering the Light on the Washington Coast

Although the land and the sea have always been the wellspring for my work as a photographer, having moved here from California, I struggled to find inspiration from the landscape I was seeing, as beautiful as it most certainly … Read More

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Schwing

It’s probably more complicated than this, but the basic strategy of Swiss wrestling seems to be to grab your opponent by the pants and tip him over before he tips you over.

If this is something you would like to … Read More

Voss Acres

Sharon Voss has an enthusiastic way of making melons seem seductive or of extolling the exotic attributes of kale.

“People need bananas, or potatoes … grapes … oranges,” Sharon says, emphasizing each word as if digesting its lingering taste and … Read More

Overgrown Lives

Are you the type who wants to get off the main road and find those spots only the locals know about? We’ve got one for you: the Johns River Cemetery at Markham along the southern shore of Grays Harbor.

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A place to call home

For decades, the 92-year-old, two-story mansion just east of Hoquiam’s Riverside Bridge was known as the “community’s attic.”

The shingle-sided Colonial Revival-style house fell into city hands as a gift in 1976, ending a search for a building to … Read More

Sand Verbena, Serenity Across the Sand

Chances are good that if you’ve driven through Tokeland, you stopped at the Georgetown Gas station for a fill-up or settled in for a game — or two — across the street at the Shoalwater Bay Casino.

If you … Read More

Just around the corner – a day trip to South Bend

If ever a town had an apt name, it’s Western Washington’s South Bend. It is, indeed, that little bend in the road as you travel south along Highway 101 after Raymond and well north of anything else for a while.

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Home is where the heart is – The story of the Aberdeen Mansion

It was heralded in The Aberdeen World as a testament to the skills of Aberdeen workmanship. Said an April 5, 1905, news article: “After six months of continuous work, J.H. Marshall and his crew of craftsmen have finished the … Read More