Bounty from the Beaches

Every spring, thousands of visitors stake their claim along Long Beach, their clam-digging dreams filled to the brim, to experience one of the biggest razor clam events on the coast.

Long Beach’s Razor Clam Festival harkens back to a time … Read More

Waiting to Exhale – Long Beach’s long bike path

First tip, summertime is for tourists. Let them have it. Let the taco shops and ice cream shacks be their memories of one of Washington’s little gems.

I’ll keep the springtime. Better yet, I’ll keep the springtime along the Discovery … Read More

Understanding the Coast

Finding the Coastal Interpretive Center is like finding a beach visitor’s cornucopia of the treasures that inhabit the Central Washington Coast and wash up on its shores.

Rain or shine, inside and out, the Interpretive Center at the very southern … Read More

Hoquiam’s 7th Street Theatre

Nestled in the town of Hoquiam is one of the glories of Washington’s coast. Big, coral-colored and ablaze with lights, the 7th Street Theatre is the pulsing heart of this small downtown.

With its starlit skies and hand-painted murals, this … Read More

The Force is Strong in Aberdeen

Don Sucher’s Star Wars Shop on Wishkah Street is chock-full of more than 100,000 items of Star Wars memorabilia, including a life-sized Jar Jar Binks and an enormous Millennium Falcon. It’s a cacophony of action figures, light sabers, posters, photos … Read More

Rex’s Barbershop – 41 years of Tradition

There are certain experiences every man should have: Hopping a freight, building a fire without matches and getting a real shave by a real barber are a few that come to mind. It’s too wet on the coast … Read More

U-cut Christmas Trees Fresh From the Forest

The forest is home to so many Douglas firs, western hemlocks, spruce, western white pine and other species that the U.S. Forest Service sells some of its timber stock (although the logging community doesn’t think it sells nearly enough).

But … Read More

The Tokeland Hotel

Story by Kellie Ann Benz Photos by Gabe Green

A piece of history since 1899

It’s a little bit out of the way, about two miles down a two-lane road off state Highway 105 in fact, and tucked behind a quiet row … Read More

Washaway Beach: A Story of Place

Story and photos by Erika Langley

Last winter the beach property I’d enjoyed for 12 years fell into the ocean. While it was a shocking experience, it was not a surprise. You see, my beach property was in a place … Read More

“Olympic peninsula” – The cure for the Common Trip

Story by Kellie Ann Benz

As travel guides go, “Olympic Peninsula” delivers more than most. In fact, the book’s back page slogan ‘The Cure for the Common Trip’ says it all. Written by a native of the Washington Coast who … Read More