Bounty from the Beaches

The annual (and epic) festival celebrating Washington's world famous razor clams.

Story by Kellie Ann Benz, Photos by Long Beach Razor Clam Festival and Michelle Wisener | Published: June 1, 2016

Michelle Wisener - Clam DiggersEvery spring, thousands of visitors stake their claim along Long Beach, their clam-digging dreams filled to the brim, to experience one of the biggest razor clam events on the coast.

Long Beach’s Razor Clam Festival harkens back to a time gone by, with a harvest bounty that never seems to disappoint. Though the festival has been dormant for a little while, there’s a new energy intent on returning the event to its past glory.

Chairperson of the festival, Randy Dennis, explains that the event continues to draw clam enthusiasts each year, and he’s hoping to attract more to the annual tradition “I always offer a clam-cleaning demonstration and this year, I’ll toss those beautiful specimens in the pan and fry them up, too.”

“Fresh from the ocean, grilled up nice and delicious and enjoyed in the spring with friends, it’s what makes living here so amazing.” Dennis added.

Razor Clams - Razor Clam Festival


The plans that Dennis discusses for this year’s event describes origins of the festival, too. The event website indicates that, “Thousands of visitors came out to the beach, dug their clams, enjoyed the delicious clam chowder, and sampled the ‘World’s Largest Clam Fritter’ that was made in the ‘World’s Largest Frying Pan.’ In 1940, the pan used was on loan from the city of Chehalis, with Long Beach commissioning the construction of its own pan the following year.”

You can still see that pan in Long Beach today. And if you’re lucky, you can be there for this year’s festival running April 9 and 10.

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Michelle Wisener - Clam Diggers