Discovering the Light on the Washington Coast

One photographer captures the landscape along Highway 105 from Tokeland to Raymond

Photos and story by Marguerite Garth | Published: April 12, 2017

105 26

105 7 stream tightAlthough the land and the sea have always been the wellspring for my work as a photographer, having moved here from California, I struggled to find inspiration from the landscape I was seeing, as beautiful as it most certainly is.

I think now that the land takes time to read and to understand. I had to stand still and see the way a very different light changed contours and shapes. As the sun moves across the ocean, it lights forests and streams in dramatically singular ways.

It took me a long time to really see this new light, influenced as it is by the ocean, which gives the Washington Coast its own song.

105 25

About the photographer

Born, grew up, went to a good college where I learned nothing except about student loans, then worked like a dog in the fashion industry. Eventually I ended up here, in Tokeland. And this is where I do things. I’ve won a bunch of important and/or impressive awards for some of those things and I hope to continue doing so for sometime.