The Peninsula in Photos

Larry Workman has been photographing the landscape of Grays Harbor and the Olympic Peninsula for more than 40 years. Besides their obvious value as art, his images provide a priceless record of the natural history of the … Read More

Discovering the Light on the Washington Coast

Although the land and the sea have always been the wellspring for my work as a photographer, having moved here from California, I struggled to find inspiration from the landscape I was seeing, as beautiful as it most certainly … Read More

Art comes in on the Tide

Wood. The forms it takes in Jeffro Uitto’s life are almost as many and varied as the waves that wash it ashore for him to find and sculpt into fine art.

His work has been well known on the … Read More

Harbor Artists

I have been a painter of the Twin Harbors since 1989 when I first arrived in Aberdeen. In painting these landscape spaces I walked in the footsteps of other artists. My oils, watercolors, acrylics and drawings over the past quarter … Read More

Letting the Color Tell the Story

From a high-powered, high-stress career as a chief information officer at a clothing accessories manufacturer in Southern California to an artist living on the beach in Washington, Kimmi Kerns has made quite a transition – and she’s loving it.

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Design by Nature

Story By Kellie Ann Benz Photos by Julie Rajcich

How an architect and his wife built their dream home on a hillside surrounded by the forest.

Anne’s eye for unique designs matches her husband’s subtle visions, and together they have collected … Read More

Found Things: Through a Prism Darkly



About two decades ago, Trina Young was looking for a creative outlet, but nothing she did really set her alight. Then she discovered stained glass in a class she took with … Read More

A Beach House Treasure

Story by Richelle Barger 

Photos by Julie Rajcich 

“The Ocean is unforgiving.”

Billie Hay smiles wryly when she says this of her beach house at Tokeland, Wash. She and her husband, Charlie, have owned the home for 10 years. … Read More

Shooting The Moon

Story by Kyle Mittan

Photos by Stuart May and Kyle Mittan

At 4 a.m. on April 4, 2015, Stuart May was still at work.

The Ocean Shores-based photographer had spent much of the night photographing the total lunar eclipse … Read More

Color in Cosmopolis

A glob of orange on the end of a metal rod is pushed into a furnace that blows heat into the room. The glob is removed and taken to a work bench where it’s spun and treated with air. It … Read More