2015 December

Crafty Style – Whiskers and Ears 

Photo by Kelly Hogaboom

If you’re already nimble with a thimble, by now you‘ve probably mastered a felt hat or two (or twelve). As the season of the costume looms large, Kelly Hogaboom, a sewing aficionado who lives in Hoquiam, … Read More

Found Things: Through a Prism Darkly



About two decades ago, Trina Young was looking for a creative outlet, but nothing she did really set her alight. Then she discovered stained glass in a class she took with … Read More

Health: This Winter, Try Summer in a Box

Story by Doug Barker

Photos by Gabe Green

Sherry Sinclair lives on the edge of the forest — right on the edge. Back door to trailhead from her home in Montesano is maybe 30 paces and Sherry takes her dog, … Read More

A Beach House Treasure

Story by Richelle Barger 

Photos by Julie Rajcich 

“The Ocean is unforgiving.”

Billie Hay smiles wryly when she says this of her beach house at Tokeland, Wash. She and her husband, Charlie, have owned the home for 10 years. … Read More

Why I Love it Here: Rob Paylor

The Paylor family has called Grays Harbor home now for five generations. Through economic downturns and upswings, mill closures and reopenings, rainy winters and beautiful summers, we have been able to find good jobs to support our families and raise … Read More

Iron Springs Resort — The Sequel may be better than the original 

Story by Doug Barker 

Photos by Gabe Green 

Rustic is one of those words you have to be careful with, especially when you’re talking about a vacation cabin. Rustic is good when you want a little of that roughing it … Read More

Green Lantern Pub



So, you’re sick of your job. You love it at the ocean and when you’re there, you always drop in at that funky little tavern at Copalis Beach, the Green Lantern. … Read More

Shopping Items – Winter 2016

Give Local This Holiday Season

Each issue, we highlight products made by artisans or small business right here on Washington’s coast. You can be assured that each item listed is unique to a local artist or small business. 

Ideal for … Read More

Shooting The Moon

Story by Kyle Mittan

Photos by Stuart May and Kyle Mittan

At 4 a.m. on April 4, 2015, Stuart May was still at work.

The Ocean Shores-based photographer had spent much of the night photographing the total lunar eclipse … Read More

The Big Game

By Rick Anderson

Photos courtesy of Aberdeen Museum of History, Polson Museum and Pat Pearson.

It wasn’t the state’s most prolific or even the longest continuous rivalry. But the Aberdeen-Hoquiam high school Thanksgiving Day football series represented a tradition … Read More