Shopping Items – Winter 2016

Published: December 1, 2015

Give Local This Holiday Season

Each issue, we highlight products made by artisans or small business right here on Washington’s coast. You can be assured that each item listed is unique to a local artist or small business. 

Ideal for the season of giving, all products listed are made locally on Washington’s coast and can be ordered online or by phone.

Bag_CMYK WCM products_9_09-2

$30 The Pendelton Purse by GinGin Designs. 360-581-6251

$5.50 per bar. Oysterville Store Soaps. 360-665-0102


Price varies. Long Beach’s Starvation Alley Farms seasonal cranberry juice. 503-395-4030

$7.50 Nancy’s Pacific Northwest 360-538-9747

     WCM products_9_09-4

$18.50 Nutritive Day Hydration from Rainwater Botanicals

Price varies. Fairy candle by Giving Thanks.

WCM products_9_09-5

$4 Nature Nell’s playful postcards.

WCM products_9_09-1  NiceNuts_CMYK

$6.50 WillaBay’s pre-measured Crannie Pecan Scone mix. 360-665-6585

$10.99 Nice Nuts. 702-525-3367

Blue Cheese_CMYK

$5-$7 Willapa Hill Cheese ‘Blue series’ 360-291-3937

$25 Handmade wood logging truck toy 360-538-9747