Home is where the heart is – The story of the Aberdeen Mansion

It was heralded in The Aberdeen World as a testament to the skills of Aberdeen workmanship. Said an April 5, 1905, news article: “After six months of continuous work, J.H. Marshall and his crew of craftsmen have finished the … Read More

A plan for all seasons

Spring Cleaning is an ancient, cross cultural phenomenon.

To help you concentrate your efforts this year, home maintenance expert, Dave Murnen of NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, helped compile a checklst of spring chores to keep your home tidy, safe and … Read More

Design by Nature

Story By Kellie Ann Benz Photos by Julie Rajcich

How an architect and his wife built their dream home on a hillside surrounded by the forest.

Anne’s eye for unique designs matches her husband’s subtle visions, and together they have collected … Read More

U-cut Christmas Trees Fresh From the Forest

The forest is home to so many Douglas firs, western hemlocks, spruce, western white pine and other species that the U.S. Forest Service sells some of its timber stock (although the logging community doesn’t think it sells nearly enough).

But … Read More

Washaway Beach: A Story of Place

Story and photos by Erika Langley

Last winter the beach property I’d enjoyed for 12 years fell into the ocean. While it was a shocking experience, it was not a surprise. You see, my beach property was in a place … Read More

Health: This Winter, Try Summer in a Box

Story by Doug Barker

Photos by Gabe Green

Sherry Sinclair lives on the edge of the forest — right on the edge. Back door to trailhead from her home in Montesano is maybe 30 paces and Sherry takes her dog, … Read More

A Beach House Treasure

Story by Richelle Barger 

Photos by Julie Rajcich 

“The Ocean is unforgiving.”

Billie Hay smiles wryly when she says this of her beach house at Tokeland, Wash. She and her husband, Charlie, have owned the home for 10 years. … Read More

Do it Yourself (but invite friends) Cold Frame

To combat the cold winter, building a cold frame – a winter gardening box – will help provide a place for leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, beets and arugula during the colder months of the year. This one … Read More

Life Is Good On the River

Brent and Pam Bryan grew up in Aberdeen and thought they knew every nook and cranny in the area. Three years ago they found a new one – a two­acre spot on the Chehalis River, just 15 minutes from work … Read More