Farm Fresh guide

Summer is blooming on the Harbor and thanks to the joint effort by Washington State University and Greater Grays Harbor Inc., we can enjoy the annual list of locally farmed produce from corn to lavender and everything else in … Read More


A Plan for all Seasons

Top 8 places to clean and check OUTSIDE

  1. Clean Gutter Clean gutters of any leaves, branches, needles or gunk from winter’s storms. Make sure downspouts with splash blocks convey the water away from the foundation. • Look for … Read More

A plan for all seasons

Spring Cleaning is an ancient, cross cultural phenomenon.

To help you concentrate your efforts this year, home maintenance expert, Dave Murnen of NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, helped compile a checklst of spring chores to keep your home tidy, safe and … Read More

U-cut Christmas Trees Fresh From the Forest

The forest is home to so many Douglas firs, western hemlocks, spruce, western white pine and other species that the U.S. Forest Service sells some of its timber stock (although the logging community doesn’t think it sells nearly enough).

But … Read More


How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Finding that perfect Christmas tree is a holiday tradition. All along the coast, you can find tree farms that offer a variety of u-cut tree experiences. If you seek a nature-friendly, wild hike in the woods experience, look for our … Read More

Crafty Style – Whiskers and Ears 

Photo by Kelly Hogaboom

If you’re already nimble with a thimble, by now you‘ve probably mastered a felt hat or two (or twelve). As the season of the costume looms large, Kelly Hogaboom, a sewing aficionado who lives in Hoquiam, … Read More

Found Things: Through a Prism Darkly



About two decades ago, Trina Young was looking for a creative outlet, but nothing she did really set her alight. Then she discovered stained glass in a class she took with … Read More

Health: This Winter, Try Summer in a Box

Story by Doug Barker

Photos by Gabe Green

Sherry Sinclair lives on the edge of the forest — right on the edge. Back door to trailhead from her home in Montesano is maybe 30 paces and Sherry takes her dog, … Read More

Shooting The Moon

Story by Kyle Mittan

Photos by Stuart May and Kyle Mittan

At 4 a.m. on April 4, 2015, Stuart May was still at work.

The Ocean Shores-based photographer had spent much of the night photographing the total lunar eclipse … Read More

Buy a good hat.

Nothing – besides a coat, long johns, a scarf and a good pair of boots – will add as much coziness as a good hat. Let’s not dispel the worth of the funny hat either. It brings a sense of … Read More