2017 April

Why I love it here: by Jill Smith

Thirty years ago I was Miss Grays Harbor, proudly preparing to represent my community at the Miss Washington pageant. I couldn’t wait to tell people about my hometown. Three decades have given me time to reflect and today, I am … Read More

Discovering the Light on the Washington Coast

Although the land and the sea have always been the wellspring for my work as a photographer, having moved here from California, I struggled to find inspiration from the landscape I was seeing, as beautiful as it most certainly … Read More

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Schwing

It’s probably more complicated than this, but the basic strategy of Swiss wrestling seems to be to grab your opponent by the pants and tip him over before he tips you over.

If this is something you would like to … Read More

Voss Acres

Sharon Voss has an enthusiastic way of making melons seem seductive or of extolling the exotic attributes of kale.

“People need bananas, or potatoes … grapes … oranges,” Sharon says, emphasizing each word as if digesting its lingering taste and … Read More

Art comes in on the Tide

Wood. The forms it takes in Jeffro Uitto’s life are almost as many and varied as the waves that wash it ashore for him to find and sculpt into fine art.

His work has been well known on the … Read More

Westport Winery Expanding

As it approaches its 10th anniversary, tiny Westport Winery on Washington’s coast is proving that success can come from equal parts innovation and hard work.

The 5,000-case winery has made big strides in its quality in recent years, thanks … Read More

Sweet Life at the Beach

When you meander through “downtown” Seabrook, it’s not hard to find the various shops, eateries and businesses, as quaint directional signs point the way at every corner.

But there’s one business nestled among the various shops that needs no … Read More

Overgrown Lives

Are you the type who wants to get off the main road and find those spots only the locals know about? We’ve got one for you: the Johns River Cemetery at Markham along the southern shore of Grays Harbor.

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Making a living at Happily Ever After

A few years ago, Stephanie Hoffman McManus, 26, was operating a bakery and cake shop in her hometown of Hoquiam. Now she’s attracting attention for a different skill — writing love stories.

She has found a career niche writing … Read More