2016 June

Just around the corner – a day trip to South Bend

If ever a town had an apt name, it’s Western Washington’s South Bend. It is, indeed, that little bend in the road as you travel south along Highway 101 after Raymond and well north of anything else for a while.

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Home is where the heart is – The story of the Aberdeen Mansion

It was heralded in The Aberdeen World as a testament to the skills of Aberdeen workmanship. Said an April 5, 1905, news article: “After six months of continuous work, J.H. Marshall and his crew of craftsmen have finished the … Read More

Bounty from the Beaches

Every spring, thousands of visitors stake their claim along Long Beach, their clam-digging dreams filled to the brim, to experience one of the biggest razor clam events on the coast.

Long Beach’s Razor Clam Festival harkens back to a time … Read More

Waiting to Exhale – Long Beach’s long bike path

First tip, summertime is for tourists. Let them have it. Let the taco shops and ice cream shacks be their memories of one of Washington’s little gems.

I’ll keep the springtime. Better yet, I’ll keep the springtime along the Discovery … Read More

Understanding the Coast

Finding the Coastal Interpretive Center is like finding a beach visitor’s cornucopia of the treasures that inhabit the Central Washington Coast and wash up on its shores.

Rain or shine, inside and out, the Interpretive Center at the very southern … Read More

Hoquiam’s 7th Street Theatre

Nestled in the town of Hoquiam is one of the glories of Washington’s coast. Big, coral-colored and ablaze with lights, the 7th Street Theatre is the pulsing heart of this small downtown.

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A plan for all seasons

Spring Cleaning is an ancient, cross cultural phenomenon.

To help you concentrate your efforts this year, home maintenance expert, Dave Murnen of NeighborWorks of Grays Harbor, helped compile a checklst of spring chores to keep your home tidy, safe and … Read More

The Force is Strong in Aberdeen

Don Sucher’s Star Wars Shop on Wishkah Street is chock-full of more than 100,000 items of Star Wars memorabilia, including a life-sized Jar Jar Binks and an enormous Millennium Falcon. It’s a cacophony of action figures, light sabers, posters, photos … Read More