Two creatives & one hometown

Story by Kellie Ann Benz

Photos by Gabe Green 

Edited since print

For all of those who believe you can’t go home again, here’s two to prove you wrong: Britta Folden, 30, and Eric Jackson, 29. The duo are the … Read More

When life gives you cranberries, make wine

Story by Jake Schild

Photos by Gabe Green

Update: In December 2015, the Cranberry Road Winery burned down. Thanks to the community’s support and the well-wishes from customers, the Tiffany’s are currently in the process of re-building. Follow their progress … Read More

Carved from wood, the artistry of Earl Davis

Story by Callie White 

Photos by Marcy Merrill 

The Shoalwater Bay Tribe’s carving workshop looks out on Willapa Bay, a view that has not changed much in thousands of years – sand, water, grass, and the oft-gray sky of … Read More

Queen of Her Castle

Standing in the tea room with her hands cupped at ease in front of her, Donna Grow recites the history of the Hoquiam Castle as she has done many times during the 11 years she has lived here.

She … Read More

Author chooses to live closer to the ground, fishing and … his family.

Dylan Tomine and his wife, Stacy, moved to Seattle in 1992, and about a year after their daughter was born, they settled on Bainbridge Island, moving there in 2004.

“I wanted to get back to the Northwest, and I … Read More