Why I Love It Here

Why I love it here: by Jill Smith

Thirty years ago I was Miss Grays Harbor, proudly preparing to represent my community at the Miss Washington pageant. I couldn’t wait to tell people about my hometown. Three decades have given me time to reflect and today, I am … Read More

Why I love it here: by Alibie Shaver

Here are just a few of the reasons Albie chooses to make her home and business here.

When we asked Albie Shaver of the popular coffee spots Coffeeman Espresso what she loved about living on Washington’s coast, she sent … Read More

Why I love it here: by Erik Larson

It’s 4 a.m. and my alarm goes off. The sun is still two hours from rising as I hurry to get dressed – my dad and brother will be outside waiting soon. It is a chilly Sunday morning and we … Read More

Why I Love it Here: Nancy Lachel

When recently asked why I choose to live on Grays Harbor rather than exiting, like so many of my fellow classmates, I remembered the nine months I lived in Ellensburg. While there, I realized that I missed everything about Grays … Read More

Why I Love it Here: Rob Paylor

The Paylor family has called Grays Harbor home now for five generations. Through economic downturns and upswings, mill closures and reopenings, rainy winters and beautiful summers, we have been able to find good jobs to support our families and raise … Read More

Why I Love it Here: Britta Folden

I spent most of my 20s bouncing between jobs, apartments and a variety of roommates. Life in Seattle was always moving and changing; businesses opened and closed quickly, friends came and went, and traffic took up a large portion of … Read More

Why I love it here: Sylvia Dickerson

In 2004 we started south of San Diego and worked our way up the coast. In 2006, we stopped overnight in Aberdeen. We saw a historic house that still had its original charm; the area had a temperate climate that … Read More