The way to roll is to stop once in a while

The irony of driving through some of the most scenic country on the Washington Coast is that at 55 mph it can all look the same. Any good drive needs a few spots where you can pull off and experience … Read More

Get your walking shoes on and go volkssporting

Grab your favorite walking shoes, rain gear, hat, gloves and sun glasses and join other walkers from across the United States and British Columbia for the Seabreeze Walking Festival in Ocean Shores over the long weekend of Feb. 18-20, 2017.

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Waiting to Exhale – Long Beach’s long bike path

First tip, summertime is for tourists. Let them have it. Let the taco shops and ice cream shacks be their memories of one of Washington’s little gems.

I’ll keep the springtime. Better yet, I’ll keep the springtime along the Discovery … Read More

Health: This Winter, Try Summer in a Box

Story by Doug Barker

Photos by Gabe Green

Sherry Sinclair lives on the edge of the forest — right on the edge. Back door to trailhead from her home in Montesano is maybe 30 paces and Sherry takes her dog, … Read More

Iron Springs Resort — The Sequel may be better than the original 

Story by Doug Barker 

Photos by Gabe Green 

Rustic is one of those words you have to be careful with, especially when you’re talking about a vacation cabin. Rustic is good when you want a little of that roughing it … Read More

Spa, finding your oasis

Near the table you lay languidly, like a mermaid (or merman). You’ve been whirl-pooled, scrubbed with sea salt, dipped in lavender wax and wrapped in seaweed. You’ve been steamed, soaked and sauna-ed. Now, it is time to be tenderized.

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Razor Clams

Autumn marks that time of year, when locals and tourists alike flock to the Washington coast in search of the seemingly hidden razor clam. Marked by shows in the sand ­­ a telltale sign that a treasure lies below ­­ … Read More


The Washington coast has myriad locations that invite serenity, calmness and deep breathing — perfect places for yogis.

“Yoga has become popular because in this chaotic and sometimes negative world, people are searching for peace, harmony and inner beauty,” explains … Read More

The Exercise Resolution

The start of a new year always seems so promising. Your resolution is strong, your workout clothes are fresh and your gym membership is brand new. This is the year, you tell yourself. This will be the year of … Read More