Making a living at Happily Ever After

A few years ago, Stephanie Hoffman McManus, 26, was operating a bakery and cake shop in her hometown of Hoquiam. Now she’s attracting attention for a different skill — writing love stories.

She has found a career niche writing … Read More

‘Dogs Tell Their Stories’ makes us as happy as a dog on the beach

There are few things that inspire joy more than witnessing a dog running with abandon along a beach or hopping through tall grass in a field. Their happiness is our happiness. If only we could hear their thoughts and share … Read More

Wintergreen, Rambles in a Ravaged Land

In the world of publishing, 30 years is a long time between editions of a book. For an ecosystem, not so long. 

It was 1986 when Robert Michael Pyle, a naturalist living at Gray’s River in the Willapa Hills of … Read More

“Olympic peninsula” – The cure for the Common Trip

Story by Kellie Ann Benz

As travel guides go, “Olympic Peninsula” delivers more than most. In fact, the book’s back page slogan ‘The Cure for the Common Trip’ says it all. Written by a native of the Washington Coast who … Read More

Megaquake book may give you the shakes

Review by Kellie Ann Benz

Whether we’re overdue for it is up for some debate, but we’re due for it. The big one. Yes, that big one, the megaquake that has been predicted to hit the West … Read More

The Bully of Order

The story of civilization is written in the mud between the bay water and the plank road, and the tide was on the flood but not there yet. The wind and the spattering rain made arcing, graceful … Read More