Carved from wood, the artistry of Earl Davis

Story by Callie White 

Photos by Marcy Merrill 

The Shoalwater Bay Tribe’s carving workshop looks out on Willapa Bay, a view that has not changed much in thousands of years – sand, water, grass, and the oft-gray sky of … Read More

Megaquake book may give you the shakes

Review by Kellie Ann Benz

Whether we’re overdue for it is up for some debate, but we’re due for it. The big one. Yes, that big one, the megaquake that has been predicted to hit the West … Read More

Buy a good hat.

Nothing – besides a coat, long johns, a scarf and a good pair of boots – will add as much coziness as a good hat. Let’s not dispel the worth of the funny hat either. It brings a sense of … Read More

Color in Cosmopolis

A glob of orange on the end of a metal rod is pushed into a furnace that blows heat into the room. The glob is removed and taken to a work bench where it’s spun and treated with air. It … Read More

Life Is Good On the River

Brent and Pam Bryan grew up in Aberdeen and thought they knew every nook and cranny in the area. Three years ago they found a new one – a two­acre spot on the Chehalis River, just 15 minutes from work … Read More

A Family Shaped By Art

Faces peer from along the route that passes by a studio. Inside, Robin and John Gumaelius create sculptures that meld realism and fancy. A flood of soft light diffused by the forest enters through large windows. John stands at a … Read More

The Bully of Order

The story of civilization is written in the mud between the bay water and the plank road, and the tide was on the flood but not there yet. The wind and the spattering rain made arcing, graceful … Read More

Flip of a Coin

Judith Altruda’s studio lies on a corner of a road that traces the edge of the water. From her windows, she can see the raised sand of Empire Spit, the tip of the Long Beach peninsula, the expanse of … Read More

Author chooses to live closer to the ground, fishing and … his family.

Dylan Tomine and his wife, Stacy, moved to Seattle in 1992, and about a year after their daughter was born, they settled on Bainbridge Island, moving there in 2004.

“I wanted to get back to the Northwest, and I … Read More