Letter From The Editor Fall 2019

Published: November 13, 2019

Welcome to the Fall 2019 edition of Washington Coast Magazine!

Within these pages, you’ll discover an old-growth forest and wetlands preserved through a massive grassroots effort. We’ll give you the bait-to-boat-to-market story of the Pacific Coast’s albacore tuna capital, right here in Washington. You’ll get a unique perspective of a tiny coastal enclave’s military occupation during World War II. And instead of featuring an “Open House” this quarter, we’ll show you a whole town full of splendid historic buildings.

Columnist Jeff Bryant offers up a field guide to the True Birder. And our “Last Shot” this month is a vision of strength captured by an out-of-state visitor.

One last thing: You’ve probably noticed this magazine is somewhat lighter than usual. I’m not any happier about it than you are, but that’s the reality of this business: No matter how good your editorial product is, ad sales are what determine how many pages you can publish. Let’s just say that’s something our team is working hard to improve.

We thank you for your continued readership and hope to give you more next quarter!

Kat Bryant Signature