2017 January

Why I love it here: by Alibie Shaver

Here are just a few of the reasons Albie chooses to make her home and business here.

When we asked Albie Shaver of the popular coffee spots Coffeeman Espresso what she loved about living on Washington’s coast, she sent … Read More

Harbor Artists

I have been a painter of the Twin Harbors since 1989 when I first arrived in Aberdeen. In painting these landscape spaces I walked in the footsteps of other artists. My oils, watercolors, acrylics and drawings over the past quarter … Read More

A place to call home

For decades, the 92-year-old, two-story mansion just east of Hoquiam’s Riverside Bridge was known as the “community’s attic.”

The shingle-sided Colonial Revival-style house fell into city hands as a gift in 1976, ending a search for a building to … Read More

With a Twist

In 2004, if you asked Izzy Ramos Foster where she’d be in 10 years, she definitely wouldn’t have expected to be at the western edge of the United States in Grays Harbor County.

At the time, the now 31-year-old was … Read More

The Skies Are Alive

As the two 4-by-4 vehicles slowly crawl up the beach past Ocean City, a distinctive shape appears in the distance on the horizon.

“Flies like an eagle,” says the confident watchful eyes of Tom Rowley, volunteer photographer … Read More

Letting the Color Tell the Story

From a high-powered, high-stress career as a chief information officer at a clothing accessories manufacturer in Southern California to an artist living on the beach in Washington, Kimmi Kerns has made quite a transition – and she’s loving it.

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Still Waters Run Deep

There is a lot of water around Grays Harbor — but only one restaurant where you can actually sit on top of it: Breakwater Seafood and Chowder House, which, since 1987, has been serving fresh, local seafood and from-scratch … Read More

Icing on the Cake

In March of 2014, Brittany Figg-Case, opened the doors of caKecaKes, beginning her business with what most entrepreneurs only dream of — a loyal customer base, a chic new shop and no debt.

A longtime bartender at the Quinault … Read More

‘Dogs Tell Their Stories’ makes us as happy as a dog on the beach

There are few things that inspire joy more than witnessing a dog running with abandon along a beach or hopping through tall grass in a field. Their happiness is our happiness. If only we could hear their thoughts and share … Read More

Farm Fresh guide

Summer is blooming on the Harbor and thanks to the joint effort by Washington State University and Greater Grays Harbor Inc., we can enjoy the annual list of locally farmed produce from corn to lavender and everything else in … Read More