2016 February

Why I Love it Here: Nancy Lachel

When recently asked why I choose to live on Grays Harbor rather than exiting, like so many of my fellow classmates, I remembered the nine months I lived in Ellensburg. While there, I realized that I missed everything about Grays … Read More

The Tokeland Hotel

Story by Kellie Ann Benz Photos by Gabe Green

A piece of history since 1899

It’s a little bit out of the way, about two miles down a two-lane road off state Highway 105 in fact, and tucked behind a quiet row … Read More

Washaway Beach: A Story of Place

Story and photos by Erika Langley

Last winter the beach property I’d enjoyed for 12 years fell into the ocean. While it was a shocking experience, it was not a surprise. You see, my beach property was in a place … Read More

“Olympic peninsula” – The cure for the Common Trip

Story by Kellie Ann Benz

As travel guides go, “Olympic Peninsula” delivers more than most. In fact, the book’s back page slogan ‘The Cure for the Common Trip’ says it all. Written by a native of the Washington Coast who … Read More

Ocean Crest Resort

Story By Kellie Ann Benz,  Photos by Kyle Mittan

After 62 years and a devastating fire 3 years ago, this popular destination resort restaurant gets new life.

To enter the foyer of Ocean Crest Resort’s newly restored restaurant makes you … Read More

Wishkah River Distillery

Story and photos by Kyle Mittan

A pipe dream that became real is growing into big business for Josh Mayr.

Serendipity, for Josh Mayr, came on a sunny day in August 2009.

Mayr, then a new sales associate for an Aberdeen … Read More