2015 May

Why I Love it Here: Britta Folden

I spent most of my 20s bouncing between jobs, apartments and a variety of roommates. Life in Seattle was always moving and changing; businesses opened and closed quickly, friends came and went, and traffic took up a large portion of … Read More

20 Museums to Explore!

Visit one today! What are your interests?  There is everything from cranberries to timber and carriages.


Makah Museum (Makah Cultural and Research Center):

1880 Bayview Ave., Neah Bay


Jefferson County Historical Society: 540 Water … Read More

All About the Chocolate

Recipes by Chef Coty MacDonald  Photos by Gabe Green

wanted to represent chocolate in a number of different ways as well as highlight some seasonal ingredients in garnish and accompaniments. Bringing in different textures and consistencies, techniques and … Read More

Queen of Her Castle

Standing in the tea room with her hands cupped at ease in front of her, Donna Grow recites the history of the Hoquiam Castle as she has done many times during the 11 years she has lived here.

She … Read More

Lake Quinault Lodge

When heading north on U.S. Highway 101 near Quinault, it is impossible not to become enthralled in the surrounding natural beauty the Pacific Northwest is known for.

Towering evergreens on both sides of the highway create a canopy that … Read More

Lighting the way

To shed some light on the history and the geography of the Washington Coast, there’s nothing better than a visit to one of the five lighthouses that still stand guard from the Columbia River to Cape Flattery.

Some of … Read More

Storms Slam the Shoreline

It’s easy to love the beach on a sunny day. But what about when a powerful storm roars in from the Pacific Ocean — nature in uncontrolled chaos? The fact is, the Washington Coast is fascinating regardless of the … Read More

Buy a good hat.

Nothing – besides a coat, long johns, a scarf and a good pair of boots – will add as much coziness as a good hat. Let’s not dispel the worth of the funny hat either. It brings a sense of … Read More

Spa, finding your oasis

Near the table you lay languidly, like a mermaid (or merman). You’ve been whirl-pooled, scrubbed with sea salt, dipped in lavender wax and wrapped in seaweed. You’ve been steamed, soaked and sauna-ed. Now, it is time to be tenderized.

There … Read More

Coffee 101

Oh, that elixir of the morning. It is estimated that half of the entire population of America drinks coffee daily. Averaging a little more than 3 cups each day, 150 million Americans start their day with an espresso, cappuccino, … Read More